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 Reason #1 to learn slow = SKIPPING STEPS

Most free lessons on the Web are posted by talented kids who play guitar very well or extremely well but THEY ARE NOT TEACHERS. Their lack of experience with REAL students lead them to exclude CLEAR explanations about the most simple details which are always important for beginners. Even if a young guitar player uploads a good (and most likely short) lesson on Youtube, it was probably recorded as a single Class instead of being part of a completely organized course. Not to mention whether this knowledge comes from Academic sources, an uncle who taught him or her how to play a couple of chords or if they learned to play guitar from neighborhood friends.
Other free lessons from Blogs and Websites will give you random lessons about different topics where you learn a little bit of this and a little bit of that,  without following a specific plan that will help you go step by step in order to improve your skills.You can not improve much, playing with 4 fingers until you're good at playing with 2, or playing with ALL 6 strings if you got stuck playing with 2 strings at the beginning.

Reason #2 =  Complicated Online Courses

MostREAL Teachers publish COMPLICATED Guitar Courses based on the training they received at the Universities or Academies where they got their Degrees. This way of teaching a person who is home alone with his or her computer and guitar, will complicate things like hell !!  Files, audios, graphics and e-books WILL SLOW YOU DOWN.
YOU DON'T NEED to learn how to read music sheets, or a bunch of Theory in order to play guitar
unless you're planning to become a Concert Player. That's why they invented Tablature !!

Years Ago I Discovered This Firsthand:

When I started giving private lessons, I was using the same methods my teachers taught me in College. I was frustated by coming every week and seing how students completed their tasks with very little or no progress at all.

I thought within myself " I'll give no more lessons to these studentsand find new ones".Other new students came and the same thing happened again and again and again. Until I found the cause. 

Of course ... the problem was ME, not the students.  I had the stupid concept of thinking that someone taking guitar lessons at home (I visited their homes) would devote one hour for daily practice of the instrument and another hour to learn to read music and theory. IMPOSSIBLE !! People are busy with their daily IMPORTANT activities!  

People take private lessons FOR FUN


Learn how to play acoustic guitar

I was demanding results as my Professors did at The University's School of Music. Until I knew I had to design a completely different course with only the most useful elements a person needs to learn Guitar FAST.And I DID !!
I created a SIMPLE way to learn and hundreds of people have learned to play guitar with my system since then.

Then came the crazy idea of recording my system to create an Online Guitar Video Course, that was immediately available to anyone anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. I say 'crazy' because it took me 2 YEARS to record and edit my Guitar Lessons with the audio and video quality that I wanted (I can't stand low quality stuff).


  • It occurred to me to recount all beginner mistakes I've seen through the years and include in the course, detailed explanations on how to correct those mistakes. 
  • I also included a specific Guitar Tuning Lesson for ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRIC GUITAR. (The longest video of the entire course). So you can learn how to tune properly.
  • I started from zero, step by step explaining simple details and gradually adding PRACTICAL elements that would enable anyone, to go at their own pace, learning useful things, NOT tons of theory and exercises. 
  • I added the most used chords on guitar and the most popular scales.
  • Detailed explanations on how to read basic tablature.
  • I added music tracks so you and I can to play together.
The result ?...GUITARSIMPLE THE MOST SIMPLE METHOD on the Internet
17 video guitar lessons for beginners (each video is 18-25 min. long)

This Guitar Course is also available in Spanish.
People from United States, England, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Israel,Puerto Rico, Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Ireland, Venezuela, Chile, Panama, Germany, Guatemala, Paraguay, Dominican Republic,Sweden, Rusia and MORE have taken my lessons and ONLY ONE person has  asked for a refund. No one has sent any messages with complaints. On the contrary ... I receive mails every week with compliments about my easy explanations.

I know, I know ... where is the proof of that ?... See a video testimonial or
Read these messages or give this a test drive and see for yourself.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Online
Learn Acoustic and Electric Guitar with these 17 High Quality Videos.
Other courses offer more than a hundred videos but they are 30 seconds long.
My videos are 18-25 MINUTES EACH.

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Guitarsimple Online Course

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Imagine yourself looking for random lessons on the Web
  • You'll find your favorite songs but will not know how to follow the instructions.
  • You'll play the guitar without knowing how to correct the sound when is wrong.
  • You'll find short videos explaining complex things beyond your level.
  • You will have 'gaps' of basic concepts needed to advance.
And the ones posted by Teachers are based on the hard training they learned from their Professors.

Now imagine learning with GUITARSIMPLE

How to play guitar
  • GUITARSIMPLE is for people of all ages,especially adults.
  • GUITARSIMPLE teaches you how to read tablature. When searching for your favorite songs on the Internet, you will print and understand tabs.
  • You will learn ALL BASIC CHORDS. And the most common chords used to play Guitar.
  • You will know how to get a clean and clear sound. If you print a chart with a thousand chords, what good is it ? if you do not know how to make the notes sound right.
  • You will be able to tune your guitar acoustic or electric. GUITARSIMPLE includes a FULL Instructional video  explaining how to tune.
  • You will learn to keep the beat.GUITARSIMPLE includes musical tracks using drums and other instruments so you can play what you learned in the lesson just as if you were in a Band.
  • You can access the videos whenever you want, 24/7 and even download them all to your PC.
  • You have 60 days FULL MONEY BACK guarantee. If you feel you are not learning guitar, you can ask for a full refund.


  • benefits17Instructional Videos (18-25 min.EACH) Explaining from scratch ...
  • benefitsHow to play ACOUSTIC GUITAR
  • benefitsHow to play ELECTRIC GUITAR
  • benefitsHow to read tablature.
  • benefitsHow to tune your guitar. Acoustic,electric or with 'Floyd Rose' type bridge.
  • benefitsHow to play all the basic chords. Major, minor, sharps and flats.
  • benefitsAlso the most common Chords used to play guitar.
  • benefitsHow to fix the sound when a note sounds wrong.
  • benefitsMusic tracks within the Lesson to practice rhythms as in a Band.
  • benefitsHow to play melodies (one note at a time).
  • benefitsHow to play basic rhythm Guitar.
  • benefitsFor Electric guitar ... how to play power chords.
  • benefitsUsing the pick.
  • benefitsBasic scales.
  • benefitsTechnique and improvisation using a blues scale.
  • benefitsVideos have additional text explanations on the screen at the right time.
  • benefitsHow to play arpeggios.
  • benefitsSupport by e-mail,Skype or Facebook.
  • benefitsAfter processing your payment, you have immediate access online 24/7.The system will show you the page where the 17 downloadable videos are located.
  • benefitsNo need to download the videos, you can access as many times as you want from the Internet.
Videos are recorded in Flash format which is one of the most used formats on the Web.You can see them using
any Web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Click here to download an example of a Video Lesson in Mac or Apple format (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

(Example lessons are above ^ )

This is a raw video Testimonial.
The actual video lessons are High Quality recordings.

Me and Ryan (one of my students)
Check out this email I received from Argentina:
Hi Alvaro !!!...... First of all thank you for the answers, I hope not having bothered much. I could download the videos, I followed your advice. Also I want to tell that I am already in the third class and I must say that every video that goes by it becomes more beautiful and interesting.Congratulations on the way you explain it, honestly I'm learning with enthusiasm,  my parents laugh because they see me playing for hours and hours the same things but I say "well I have to practice to get it right." I would have liked to have you as a teacher in physical form, not videos but hey, distance makes it impossible.Gracias ! ¨
 Rodrigo Cossimi
Rodrigo Cossimi
from Argentina

Rodrigo thank you very much for your message. And many thanks to Pedro:

Pedro Rojas

Pedro Rojas
from Venezuela

Alvaro Hello, my name is Peter Rojas, I purchased your course because all my life wanted to learn to play guitar and for various reasons had not done it, now  I have 52 years and have decided to take this challenge seriously. The truth is that I am pleasantly surprised by how didactic is the way you teach the guitar, you make it sound so easy and also entertaining and even funny, the truth is that I did not see myself  taking classes at some school or academy, especially for my work, but I come home at night and I get to practice very calm and patient and I really feel very good. I will not say that I can practice every day but if I try to do it several times a week to the point where the pain of my fingers allow. That's so at first. At home, my family says that already began to listen good sounds. The truth Alvaro, many thanks and sorry if at some point I turn to you for any questions regarding classes. Greetings to you and your family and thank your daughter for letting you use her blackboard on your videos. Pedro Rojas Maracaibo, Venezuela.

My name is Alvaro Avila. I have been teaching acoustic and electric guitar for over 20 years and I especially created this course to help beginners, based on all the challenges I've seen beginner students facing when they start.And taking into account all these aspects, I started explaining from zero, step by step detailed instructions on how to play guitar fast.It took me almost 2 years to record and edit the course with many hours per month dedicated to editing, for high quality audio and video .If you compare my private lessons fee (I charge $20 for ONE 45 minute private lesson) 17 lessons would cost you about $340 dollars.But this Beginner Guitar Lessons Course costs only U.S. $47

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Learn to Play Acoustic AND Electric Guitar 

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Guitarsimple 17 videos

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